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Announcing Robin Jillian’s new book of her deeply intimate and spiritually charged memoir “Hugging Trees in the Dark (Finding the Courage to Free the Heart)”

— a journey through the Dark Night of the Soul cultivating the courage to free the heart.

Inspirational Ideas

(for rediscovering your authentic self)

Commitment… What does it look like?

“The biggest commitment you must keep….is your commitment to yourself” Neale Donald Walsch I was in a loving marriage for most of 30 years.  When I awakened to the reality that the relationship no longer supported my growth and personal evolution, I knew that in order...

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Is there such a thing as a failed relationship?

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ― Carl Gustav Jung You meet someone, it feels amazing.  The energy is flowing, you feel seen and appreciated.  You share many of the same...

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Faith in Life… is there any other choice?

“Faith is realization itself. It harbors no destructive element, as does belief. Belief can be swayed or destroyed by contrary evidence and doubt; but faith is ever secure, because it is direct perception of truth. Once the world was believed to be flat, but with the...

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