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Voices of Courage Radio Show Interview

Special guest Robin Jillian shares her powerful insight on how we can love ourselves in a much greater way by letting go of fear, guilt, and self-blame in order to rebuild and become our most authentic selves and live the life we’ve always wanted.


  • Tuning into your higher self and a higher consciousness
  • The principles of the laws of success
  • How mentors and coaches can help you take your life to a completely new level
  • Embracing the deepest, darkest parts of yourself to have more peace in your life
  • What it means to be your authentic self
  • Learning when to “surrender” and go with the flow of life
  • How to create a healthy and prosperous life through the power of spirit
  • The strong role that trust and intuition play in transitioning your life
  • Acknowledging pain in order to rebuild and have the power to change
  • Why it’s so difficult for people to be honest with themselves and transform their lives
  • Letting go of judgment, self-blame, and guilt in order to evolve
  • How to love ourselves in a much greater way and be the best version of ourselves
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Pain is a great awakener and a necessary part of the journey. You experience this complete shatter of who you are in order to rebuild yourself, and it’s through that process that you start to really recognize that you have the power to change your life.”  –  Robin Jillian