“Faith is realization itself. It harbors no destructive element, as does belief. Belief can be swayed or destroyed by contrary evidence and doubt; but faith is ever secure, because it is direct perception of truth. Once the world was believed to be flat, but with the progress of science it was found to be round; so that was only a belief, which had to be given up. But faith cannot be contradicted, for it is the developed expression of the unerring intuition within us, which brings us face to face with theretofore unseen realities. One may thus rightly refer to blind belief, but not blind faith.” – Yogananda

I have been on an accelerated journey of awakening over the last four years, and it seems like it’s been forever…without much of a reprieve from the extreme discomfort of my rebirth.

Watching your life disintegrate, along with many of the beliefs you have “known” to be true, is a painful process… necessary though if you want to transform your life to be truly meaningful and on purpose.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” – Carl Jung

My memories of my previous life appear in my mind as if I have made it all up — I am not the same person anymore. My family and friends corroborate the stories of my past, yet I still have a hard time relating to the reality of the outer events that occurred in my life.

At great cost to my sanity, I am so much more aware now and honest with myself regarding the motivations and conditioned behaviors behind my actions. However, the challenges that I have experienced have caused me to question all of it, and if I am being honest, I must admit that at times I feel little to no appreciation for the pain of coming face to face with the parts of me I prefer not to acknowledge.

Growing and evolving, being reborn into a grander version of yourself is profoundly and amazingly complex, and one of life’s great mysteries.

Becoming aligned with our heart and soul, returning to a place of knowing who and what we really are, is no easy task for us mere mortals. We resist change. As humans we are averse to pain, and will often times do anything to feel pleasure (no matter how temporary)rather than be honest with ourselves as to what we really want and need in our life.

I don’t think the caterpillar requires instructions on how to metamorphose. The caterpillar has a deeper knowing, as do we. If we chose to, we can recognize the intuitive voice inside of us guiding us back to our true natures… recognizing faith as an essential component to a life well lived.

We are often challenged to allow ourselves the gift of faith. Faith serves as an innate acceptance and understanding of the process of life itself. However, we must choose to step out of the fear of change, and embrace our connection to our source (God, Spirit, Universal Energy or whatever word resonates with you).

I do know that the caterpillar turns into liquid before it begins to transform into the graceful butterfly, with which I effortlessly relate to now. I imagine that the caterpillar allows for the transformation naturally and with a faith that only being truly connected with the ebb and flow of life can bring. There is much we can learn from the caterpillar.

I have written and spoke about the Calling of the Soul…that when it is time to wake up to who we truly are…our authentic selves…there is no going back to a ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ place. So, I ask myself…do I really have a choice when faced with the difficult question of whether I can trust this metamorphosis and unfolding process in my life? The answer for me, is “with faith, I can.”

I don’t believe you have a choice if your intention is to create an inspired life. Be careful what you ask for … I have found that the Universe delivers on time every time that which is in our highest and best, and we are often taken apart in the process. Be gentle and kind to yourself, you need it now.

I have become a wise woman, loving myself more all the time, and seeing with clarity the path before me (except when I fall prey to utter confusion and doubt). I have been blessed as I experience a greatly expanded awareness of my connection to my source, universal energy, spirit, God…(whatever word resonates with you). I am co-creating a new life and raison d’être with a love and energy I could have only imagined in my wildest dreams.

I know ultimately that I am truly blessed. Trusting in life with a great faith is the only way I have found to reinvent yourself. As I discover more of “me”…awakening to my true self, peeling away the layers of false beliefs, I am finding the greatest love of all…the love inside of me.

I support you on your healing journey as you spread your wings and soar, flying oh so high….feeling fear’s heat as you transcend your limitations, expanding into a grander version of you.

Keep the faith, we are in this together, and know that it is my greatest joy to assist you on your journey of awakening. A path worth taking, In love…RJ

To learn more about my personal journey, my memoir “Hugging Trees in the Dark… Finding the Courage to Free the Heart” is now available on Amazon. My past podcasts and blogs can be found at www.robinjillian.com and awakenradio.net.