“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ― C.G. Jung

Do you walk your talk? Is your behavior consistent with what you are “teaching?” I love the expression “you teach what you most need to learn,” but let’s take a closer look at the implications with respect to self-development and personal empowerment. There are, of course, real teachers/leaders that are masters in conscious awakening programs for personal growth etc., and we can learn so much from them.

We are fortunate to have these “gurus” in our life and they can greatly help ease the pains of awakening as we chose to expand to become a grander version of ourselves. As we are ready to grow in self-awareness, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and blossom into our true natures, we can recognize the generosity in these souls that become mentors to us.

What happens when a person represents themselves as a “teacher” of the path to personal transformation and growth and does not walk their talk? How do we trust our “teachers”, it can leave us feeling empty and disillusioned? At least it does for me. How about you? Personal authenticity is so important and I don’t have any respect or time for pretense. How do we keep the faith?

Perhaps it is an unreasonable expectation on my part…to ask someone to really look at their life and ask themselves with total honesty, am I walking my talk? At the end of the day, it is most important for me to do that for myself. As I have struggled in my own life, to rise from the ashes as the Phoenix, through my personal experience of the “Dark Night”…. It has been challenging to ask myself honestly…”What are the talents and gifts I can offer?…how can I share the wisdom I have gained over a lifetime focusing on truth, self-development and more recently the opportunity to become so much more alive than I previously could have imagined?”

Acknowledging who you are, strengths and weaknesses takes tremendous courage and a willingness to be humble and vulnerable, which is an act of bravery. It requires you to stand naked and acknowledge those places in yourself you are afraid to look at. Where are you afraid to look?

Understanding the soul and its expansion in your life is a process and takes time, great effort and a clear and conscious intention….and only through life’s experience and maturity can it fully develop as a gift to give to others.

I hope you will allow me to share the gifts of wisdom I have gained, through my journey, in returning to a more authentic self. For you with love, I humbly and joyfully offer my deeply intimate and spiritual memoir “Hugging Trees in the Dark”..Finding the Courage to Free the Heart. I am fully dedicated to supporting you in recognizing your potential for greatness…love, RJ