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Are you feeling a bit shaken, maybe stirred, maybe fearful and doubtful, and completely and utterly, wildly terrified?  Good. Keep going”   Victoria Erickson

What is courage…. and how does courage show itself?  Is courage the fireman who pulls the baby out of a burning building?  Is it the person who bungee jumps off a high bridge? Is it the mother who just found out she has three months to live and decides that she is going to be a joyful person anyway…staying strong for her children, teaching courage through her intention and demonstration to put love first?

I don’t think anyone would argue that these are obvious acts of incredible bravery.  Perhaps, we question our own courage and how we show up when faced with life’s challenges and our “Dark Nights”. What I have observed is that we have been conditioned to recognize courage in certain ways, but there are great acts of courage we exhibit every day unknowingly. It is helpful to acknowledge in ourselves how we show up to uncertainty and fear, making the choice to live with honesty and integrity with our spirit.

The most difficult journey of all is the journey of loving yourself, and then you experience what courage really is!  How much courage does it take to let go of the life you have known because you hear a calling that it is time to grow and become a new you?  How much courage does it take to question your deeply held beliefs that have created shame, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness? How much courage does it take to take responsibility for what you have created in your life and to love and accept yourself, knowing you are deserving of happiness?  How much courage does it take to open your heart again after losing a significant relationship? How much courage does it take to stop blaming yourself for not being enough?

With courage, your old stories “die”…you transform…you are reborn and more fully alive than you could have imagined… becoming a person of faith and trust… knowing that life presents to you all that you need to become a greater, more evolved you. You listen to your soul’s calling to expand beyond the fears telling you that you can’t do it.  You accept your shortcomings, and accept yourself as imperfect….that’s courage!

You may feel stuck and unable to change, yet your heart is begging you to listen.  Courage is choosing to confront what scares you because you know it is the right thing to do no matter the outcome. Overcoming our fears and deciding to grow through it, is the only way to really make the breakthroughs to the freedom you want in your life.  I am here to support you…I share my own journey of awakening with you through my memoir “Hugging Trees in the Dark”..Finding the Courage to Free the Heart… I love you, RJ