Dont find love, let love find you.  Thats why its called Falling in Love, because you dont force yourself to fall, you just fall.  Unknown

When we are falling in love with someone, it is so amazingly wonderful…we just want to stay in that feeling of “heaven” forever.  Perhaps, we even tell ourselves that nothing can possibly come between us as our love will always see us through the difficulties.  What happens when misunderstandings and miscommunications arise, tearing us apart, breaking our heart as we witness our illusions slowly dissolve?  If we are lucky, perhaps our fantasies die quickly, and we surrender without too much of a struggle allowing reality and acceptance of each other’s imperfections to return. Unfortunately, that is not the way it goes much of the time.

We argue, we say things we regret, we assume the “stories” of our past are true, not knowing that they are false assumptions created at a time when we were listening to our “conditioned” selves.  We didn’t know better; while in lower consciousness, and so we believe our own lies, and they repeat themselves over and over again until we begin to wake up and question the truth.

The “lies” we believe, prevent us from truly understanding the human in front of us.   We cling to the walls of defense that we have built holding on to being right. We carry fear while assuming the issues, which trigger us, are not inside of us… blaming, instead, the other person’s perceived actions for our pain.

We project that which we are not able and willing to look at in ourselves onto the other.  That which stays in the dark of the heart needs the light of awareness to heal.  When we unwittingly project it out in our relationships for resolution, in the midst of it all, we forget to acknowledge the beautiful souls that have come into our life for a purpose.  We experience anger, confusion and ultimately despair, believing we will lose the love we want so much.

I have a theory, if love is all there is (my personal observation) then how can we not fall in love, and always be in love?   As I have come to understand, the soul is always in a place of  experiencing “falling in love”.  Upon meeting someone whose soul we recognize, a magical moment outside of present time and space is unfolding, and it feels amazing!  Yes?

Often times we hear about soul mates, twin flames etc.  It is my opinion that thinking that there is just one person for us is spiritual rhetoric.  When we are operating from our soul, we can’t help but fall in love, and this experience of love is what allows us to transcend the limitations we have accepted as who we are.

So, what do we do when the person we are loving hurts us?  How do we restore the peace within ourselves and take the responsibility to own what is unhealed, not blaming the other?  First step…I believe putting love first beyond our desire to be right or justified is what is necessary.  This takes courage and faith in the process of life itself….knowing that we are part of a loving universe and all that is in our life is perfect for our ongoing growth…choosing truth, love and compassion…the ONLY way back to an open heart.

Be gentle with yourself, you may not be ready to heal the wounds of the past, you have to decide when it is time to let go of the illusions of the past, and that is okay!!! One day you will hear the calling of your soul so powerfully that you cannot turn away, you will fly…

I am here to support you.

I wish you so much love, what else?  RJ….my book Hugging Trees in the Dark…Finding the Courage to Free the Heart is now available on Amazon…