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“Your limits are liars. Your fears are thieves.”  Robin Sharma

What I noticed during my journey of awakening is the tremendous suffering that came with what seemed like constant fear and anxiety.  Fear was running through me like an electric current, I felt paralyzed.

I asked myself during more sleepless nights than I care to remember…what purpose does this fear serve?  Why would my higher self-want me to experience this anguish? I was telling myself that it would never stop and that I was powerless, fear had taken me into the dark hole of despair and doubt.

My friends, in an attempt to help me, would ask… “what are you afraid of?”  Although I could name a few things, I realized that all of the stories I came up with as to “why” I was afraid were seated in fear and anxiety of some possible future scenario that I had absolutely no idea would or could manifest.  I was scaring myself to death!

I wondered, is this feeling of fear and anxiety a punishment or a gift?…it felt like a punishment.  However, could it be that the purpose of fear is actually to breakthrough? Is it possible that it is necessary to overcome our fears in order to get into the energetic space where miracles happen…where we co-create with our source to live a life  “on purpose” with passion? I believe that is so.

When we are thrown out on the “sea of life” in a dense fog with what feels like only a rowboat and one paddle…unable to see our hand in front of our face, there is only one place to go…deep inside with a determination, faith and commitment to live life authentically from our true self.  It takes tremendous courage, acceptance and a willingness to surrender to the flow of life. Awakening has a price, and I have come to know it as overcoming fear.

This doesn’t mean that we are not afraid, but what it does mean is that we don’t allow fear to stop us.  We don’t give up our dreams for the expanded and authentic life we have chosen to live. I had an epiphany the other day, and what came to me is that fear is like a “monster under the bed”, and it must be confronted over and over again until it is defeated. By becoming the witness, rather than the believer of our fears, we thereby weaken its hold on us over time.

I have come to see fear as the guardian of the gate to an extraordinary life.  It is necessary to have the faith that spirit is working with us for our highest and best interest.  Do we really have another choice? The journey of self-expansion takes self-love, patience and time…I assure you though it is one worth taking.  Stay strong and trust. Choose love.

I support your journey to rediscover the amazing potential inside of you…I love you …RJ