If you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for life.~ Eckhart Tolle

I have always been the kind of person who wants to see the best in everyone. If you tune in to people with your heart when you meet them, and you are open and sensitive, you can see the flame of pure essence in everyone. However, in life, it is as if we are always dressed up going to a costume party, all playing different roles. The challenge is that we forget we are playing a role and we live our lives often times in unconscious despair — continuing to play our part and never question who we really are and what is our purpose. Our conditioned self engages with life, all the while, the flame of our true self-flickers dimly.

But one day, without any real tangible awareness there is a stirring inside of us… time to wake up! We begin to see our lives like a movie and we witness our own “death”. This is the most difficult and frightening time of life. It is as if this re-birthing was preplanned by your soul… “it is time” a soft voice whispers… and you question your life and what is truly important to you. Time to evolve.

You have outgrown your life as it is, and you begin to blossom into a fuller expression of “you”. When you are ready to trust and take that leap of faith, you begin to come alive in ways you could not possibly have imagined, and you make big changes. However, it can often come with a heavy price tag and a lonely road as your friends and family will not understand what has happened to you. You may think you are crazy, it is painful.

All you know is that you need to fly and there is no going back to a “safe” place. Nothing is the same anymore, and it is as if your past self was living in a dream. It is not an easy journey back to authenticity, but for the soul that is ready to expand and grow, there is no other way except to leave your old life behind.

I wish you all a gentle and loving return to self whenever and however it presents itself in this life or the next. I would be honored to share my journey of self-discovery with you through my soon to be released book “Hugging Trees in the Dark” (Finding the Courage to Heal the Heart) I love you….RJ