“Playing to win comes out of inspiration, but playing not to lose comes out of desperation” — Harkamal Preet Pal Singh Ubhi

In the past when I would hear the word “desperation” spoken as in “he is desperate”, it made me want to run for the hills. I conjured up an image of a dirty beggar with smelly breath and rotten teeth (you get the picture) taking absolutely no responsibility for his life…attempting to cling to me as if I was a life preserver on the rough seas. Sounds harsh I know, but that is the truth, I admit it, and I realize now that was a nasty judgment. Feeling turned off and even frightened to desperation may be normal for a lot of us, but why?

Could it be that we don’t know what to say or do to help someone when they are feeling this way? Could it be that their desperation serves as a mirror where we are invited to look at the areas in our life where we may be desperate and we don’t want to acknowledge it..… too painful and scary…

It’s so incredibly easy in our busy lives to ignore our own deep calling for change and growth, we don’t want to “rock the boat” and leave our sense of security and the known. It becomes much easier to succumb to boredom rather than face our demons. That is until our soul says “no more”, and it is time to expand and evolve.

Therefore, can we now look upon desperation with compassion and love?…possibly even a necessary step for creative change and transformation?

It is said that most people live a life of quiet desperation, surrendering to hopelessness. If this is true, how can we be of service or support to others when they have surrendered to the dark side? They have not yet come to a state of consciousness where they “know” that they have the personal power to reinvent their life in accordance with their true potential.

I have come to learn that sometimes we have to hit rock bottom in order to rise from the ashes as the Phoenix. I think this place is called “desperation” and I now recognize it as such. I have come to learn that when we make the decision to grow and expand and have erroneously bought into the idea that making real and lasting growth is not possible for us, unfortunately, desperation rears its ugly head, and we hold on tight… really it’s only another important piece in the journey to create ourselves anew in every golden moment of now, and so it is…I love and support you to improve and transform your life..RJ