Dont hold on to someone whos leaving, otherwise you wont meet the one whos coming”…Carl Jung

To understand the depth and purpose of our intimate relationships requires determination and a passionate desire to grow beyond what is comfortable.  You must have tremendous courage and an unflinching willingness to look at the buried parts of yourself; those places inside of you that you have deemed unacceptable, unloveable, dark and shameful.  Perhaps you consider yourself too weird or strangely different and have spent years perfecting a facade of normal. You meet the one, and the masks of pretense come down temporarily as you bask in the glow of new love.

We all know the rest of the story.  Time passes, fantasies of perfection vanish and the balance and flow of ordinarylife returns.  We begin to recognize that the person we are with will push our buttons in a way that makes us cringe and want to retreat to safer ground.  Many people become cynical and angry at this point, and the game of who is to blame becomes the focus.

The relationship that once brought us great safety and joy now becomes a battleground as we attempt to hold onto our conditioned ideas and beliefs about ourselves, and we want to determine who is rightand who is wrong.  Fear often steps in..not allowing love to ignite, transform and be in service to our soul.

Could it be that all the people in our life are teachershelping us to grow and evolve our consciousness beyond what we can do on our own by being mirrors to the part of ourselves we dont want to look at?  Welcome to Soul Contracts.what do your soul agreements look like?

The Soul Contract is in place long before we jump off the cosmic diving board.”  The soul carefully attracts those people that can make a profound difference in the evolution of our soulproviding insights into our long-held beliefs, attitudes and help us to question our conditioned stories.

The challenge is being able to accept and honor the nature of the contracts we have with our significant relationships.  Oftentimes, our contracts present us with painful experiences for growth, which we resist in a desire to remain secure in what we believe to be true.

When we awaken to realize that all our relationships serve an important purpose in service of the soul, we can ultimately heal those places inside of us that have been preventing us from living fully in recognition of our pure creative potential.  As Carl Jung said, there is no coming to consciousness without pain.

Ultimately, in the experience of the soul, you will come to that beautiful experience of soul love, and whether for a season or a lifetime, our lives are richer for having the opportunity for such tremendous growth and awakening.  It would be helpful then to let go of the shame, blame, and judgments. We can then allow ourselves to flow in the river of love trusting that the truth will be revealed through the soul contracts we have with other human beingsevolving our lives in unexpected and amazing ways.

I support you on your awakening journey in love and gratitude..RJ

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