“Faith…When you come to the edge of all the light you have, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”

– Patrick Overton

Have you noticed that the words trust and faith are often spoken especially when sharing with other people about how your life is not living up to your dreams?  You feel so hurt and sad…yet everyone is telling you to have faith and trust, at least that is what I would want my friends to say.  However, perhaps self-judgement, lack of confidence, guilt and shame has entered into the picture making you feel like there is no way forward for you.  Apparently, it is common knowledge (or is it)  that when going through an extremely difficult emotional time in your life, you need to have trust and faith that your life is exactly ideal for what you need to grow and evolve into a more joyful and conscious “you”. I believe a painful journey to the depths of the truth of your soul is necessary to really become liberated and authentically you.  The universe is always showing you through the mirrors of people and outer events just what you need to recognize in order to have a breakthrough into greater clarity and self-knowledge.

Will you come through your ‘dark night’ of agonizing doubt stunningly more courageous and significantly enlightened, and with more light and love in your heart than you could have ever envisioned? Faith and trust says “YES”.  How do you or can you know this while you are deep in the darkness of all of it?  What happens though when you get so far down the rabbit hole of self defeating thoughts?  Fear and doubt rear their ugly heads.  Is there somewhere you can acquire some trust and faith?

I see it this way. The universal energy of life is either perfectly designed for each and everyone of us for exactly what we need, or it is not.  We either have a purpose, and all events and circumstances are “in alignment” for our higher understanding and our unique awakening or not.  I see it pretty clearly that either everything is purposeful or none of it is.  Is this a loving well orchestrated universe or is there just randomness and “bad luck”?  Are we destined to suffer?

That being said, I choose to embrace and acknowledge the truth that our lives are always exactly what we need, and that everything we co-create in our life is meant to take us to the next step in our personal evolution.  Faith and trust then become our best friends.  Personally, I feel that there is a harmony and true balance when living in the music that the flow of life offers through trust and faith.  That doesn’t mean that I always remember while in the grips of my own despair, but I lovingly accept myself anyway.  I am grateful for you, thank you… I love you dearly…RJ