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“I have learned that love, not time, heals all wounds”  Andy Rooney

The other day, I was speaking with a friend, and sharing that there had been events in the past that had caused me incredible pain and trauma….leaving me with feelings of shame, guilt, inadequacy, unworthiness, and undeserving of love.  These negative emotions haunted me much of my life, operating unconsciously, and effectively keeping me “small” until I began to “wake up.” I am now very fortunate to be able to recognize when the “lies” I believed about myself show up….preventing my joy and peace.

Yes, we all have wounds that have created a matrix of false beliefs about ourselves that continue to drive our life in unhealthy and destructive ways.  Until our intention to be self-loving, happy and conscious becomes our primary motivation we continue to operate in the dark.  I believe we hold onto these wounds as we feel unable to let them go.  We become identified with our scars, creating a self-image based on who we have been and not who we truly are..…divine essence, empowered to co-create our life with our source.

Unfortunately, our culture supports the idea of the necessity to dig and dig into our past in order to “free” ourselves from our painful history. The conventional way of thinking is to push intensive talk therapy, (which just focuses more on the problem instead of the solution), reinforcing the wiring/programming in our heads to repeat the same patterns over and over.  We use drugs, (or other hiding behaviors) to ease our pain, which does not support true personal growth and transformation.

Could it be possible that through our wounds we become more powerful…changing those wounds into incredible gifts?  Could the purpose of our wounds and trauma be for our soul growth?  Can we transform our wounds and allow our own inner spirit and love to guide us to healing?  I believe this is so, although is not easy to do.

Surrendering to our higher selves, feeling out of control, is very frightening!  The feeling of aloneness and fear can overtake us like a thief in a dark alley. I understand how easy it is to feel hopeless when faced with great despair,  but what I want you to know is that you are bigger and more powerful than you know, and the painful experiences do not have to control you and keep you limited.

I invite you to read my story as I transitioned through the “Dark Night of the Soul” only to awaken with even greater determination and passion to live an “illuminated”  life…living from my soul….learning over time to triumph over my fears and the lies.  When there is nothing more to lose, we surrender and learn, perhaps for the first time, to love ourselves deeply.  Once we decide to not allow the distorted, negative stories of our life to “take us down.” nothing can stop us.  We heal, we grow, we transform and we become a grander version of ourselves….more than we can imagine while inside the “Dark Night”.

It is my prayer that I will inspire you to live the life that you are truly meant to live….believing in yourself and having the courage and confidence to become the greatest version of “you” that you are meant to be.  You can find my book “Hugging Trees in the Dark”..Finding the Courage to Free the Heart now available on Amazon.  I love and support you on your healing journey…RJ