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“The old adage, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ isn’t always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities”. Richard Carlson

I couldn’t sleep the other night, and as I was meditating in my rocking chair… I had a thought that caused me to think deeply about an attitude or belief system that has been operating behind my conscious awareness, and has been influencing all the choices I have made for my life.

I often say “Is It Too Good To Be True?” when questioning new opportunities in my life. I ask myself, and the answer that comes back could be the beginning of allowing more expansion of personal expression, goodness and authenticity to flow in my life, or it can be another way of identifying with my, oh so, limited ways of being, and what I have come to expect of my relationship with life.

I recognized this ‘thought form’ as part of a conditioned belief system that was not serving my highest good, and that I was behaving as though it was a “truism.” I was shocked as to the extent of how limiting and self-defeating this way of thinking is…a pathetic habitual way of relating to my world that I had adopted in my life so very long ago. After all..isn’t the expression “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is”? What a bunch of BS!

What is so amazing is that for years, I never questioned many of my thoughts. It has been my experience that that is something many of us share, but the real danger for me is when I don’t question my thinking as that leads to living a half life…remaining unconscious often times to what really matters.

Oh, I am capable of so much more. Lucky for me I have wonderful people in my life that believe in me even when I don’t, which gives me ‘wind beneath my wings’.

I ask myself where this caustic mindset comes from. As I see it there are certain perceptions that are so conditioned in our culture that trying to figure out the origin is a waste of time, and becomes an absurd attempt to understand more of the crazy that prevails in our head. More often than I prefer, I just have to take new steps to ‘wake up’ even though it feels terribly uncomfortable in the moment.

I recognize that I have been trained to think so little of myself, and that “rocking” my power and potential to live a big life is somehow a sin, and I am selfish if I have dreams of living a creatively actualized life focusing on manifesting my skills and talents while holding a large vision for my life.

“How dare I think that I can actually make my dreams come true, and live my life in accordance with what makes me happy”… The self-defeating inner voices cry out… “WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU ‘THINK’ YOU CAN DO, AND ARE FAILING? YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM? AFTER ALL, YOU ARE DAMAGED AND FLAWED DON’T FORGET.”

And to add icing to this bitter cake, I judge myself for the intentional life I am wanting to create…after all people are starving all over the world, living in the streets! “People are suffering, how can I deserve happiness? How much more shit can I pile on to my psyche? Oh, there is plenty more, trust me.

You may remember echoes in your head of these conditioned ways of thinking. My grandmother used to say “who died and left you boss”? I felt small and disempowered. Now I see that I was developing my own inner authority, voice and strength, wanting to express the dynamic force that was growing in me.

Forget that I am passionate about living my life in accordance with my true heart’s desires and listen to the naysayers, NOT!

I say, NO, don’t listen to the crap in your mind. The greatest battles are waged within, and this is a full out war if you are not willing to accept your limitations.


Listen to the calling of your soul, and let go of anyone telling you that you can’t pursue a bigger life, and evolve into a grander, more authentic version of you.



This ingrained programming is at the heart of much of the reason I keep myself from the big life I now envision for myself… not allowing and being receptive to opportunities manifesting in my life. I once believed it was not possible for real change and enlightenment happen to everyone else after all, but not me.

Do you know that you are worthy of joy, success, and the personal empowerment that living in alignment with your truest desires can bring to you? What are you telling yourself out of fear? Do you perhaps believe that you are undeserving or incapable? You sabotage yourself with this thinking. STOP! It’s not true! You are not here to waste an incarnation!

Yes, you have strengths and weaknesses. That is how you are put together. Recognize and accept who you are and get on with it! You don’t have to be good at everything, and you won’t be, so let it go!

I would suggest that you study the life of people who have come through overwhelming circumstances. You will recognize their ability to creatively actualize the life they want in spite of what they have experienced. Don’t give up on yourself!

Sometimes, all has to appear to be lost in order to reinvent yourself anew. I don’t like that it is that way, and I fight it too in my weaker moments…believing that I can will my way through difficult times. However, I have learned that it is necessary to surrender to life, taking full responsibility for what I want to create and not blaming circumstances, or events that have happened or other people in my life. Then and only then can I truly know who I am, what is important, and experience real freedom.

I am here to support you and help you to come to the realization that you are worth the trouble. Don’t listen to that part of you that is a ‘broken record’ of the programming you have adopted in your life as to who you are.

Life can be very difficult and overwhelming, but it is the only one you have got for now, and you get to decide what is of value to you, and intentionally create your best life.


I wake up and get to decide daily who I want to be, and although it may seem so, it is never too late to make new choices. I get that this is ridiculously hard, but what else is more important? You got better things to do? I don’t think so.


My new favorite affirmation is “SO WHAT”. Let the past go, and begin again. Let go of your embarrassment of who you once were, and allow yourself to live the life you joy, self-discovery and most of all love, which begins with loving yourself…takes time. One of the hardest things you will ever learn, but so worth the effort. You are alright.

Wishing you the courage to live in freedom…releasing the nonsense you have been telling yourself so you can be free! Live the life that is alignment with who you really are, this is your chance.

All my love and support,

Robin Jillian

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